Friday, June 26, 2015

Positive vibe :)

Aku bukan nak agung2kan company baru and buruk2kan company lama... but to tell you the truth, my current company is wayyyyyyyy different (well, i want to say better but sokayyy) than my previous one...
Ramai nak follow aku ikut kerja IKEA but 1 thing yang aku tengok, if you don't have the values that IKEA wants, kau speaking A sekalipun, tetap kau takkan dapat... IKEA sangat2 mementingkan the 10 values dalam diri every staff...

1- humbleness and willpower.
2- togetherness and enthusiasm.
3- simplicity.
4- accept and delegate responsibility.
5- daring to be different.
6- leadership by example.
7- constantly being on the way.
8- cost consciousness.
9- striving to meet reality.
10- constant desire for renewal.

Even masa interview pun, diorang akan tengok semua ni. You just have to be yourself. Cara interview memang sangat casual. Kalau boleh nak kau comfortable. And surprisingly, benda ni semua, automatically will change yourself & yourlife, in this case, myself & my life.
Beside being 1 of the most stable company in the whole wide world, world okay, not just Malaysia, aku selalu terperanjat sendiri how loyal some or most of the co workers yang stay dengan company for many years. Yang almost 20 years pun ada tau.
There were few people tanya aku "lepas IKEA, plan nak pergi mana?"
And my answer was, "for now, I think this is my pitstop". Even if it's not just "for now", I still think that this is my pitstop. Well, before join IKEA pun dah memang suka IKEA kan and the company is doing good, the pay is good, the environment is good, everything is good so why not?

I can feel the positive vibe.
(okayyy, I admit there will always be the negative people of course, in IKEA also but hey, this kind of people is everywhere though) but you yourself can feel the different.
If you choose to feel and be in the positive vibe area, then you will feel the goodness in it. But if you choose to be in the negative vibe, then it's up to you.
Me? I choose to stay away from those negative people and negative vibe and negative thinking and whatever I think is negative. It's not going to do any good to me, right?
This is the start of my new journey, my new life and I will not going to face whatever I'm facing at my previous company. What for? At the end, akuuuuu jugak yang stress nanti, kan?

So, be positive people. You will be surprise by the outcome.
Just ignore all those negative thinking people or their behaviour.
You will be less stress and more happy.

Apply this to yourlife "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT" and be happy :)))))