Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time management... NOT!

I tell ya, time is definitely not on my side guys. Seriously.
My last post was 4 months ago and it was about my son turning 1. Which the post was also a throwback.
Now, how old is he? He's turning 17 months this 21st December.
People, it's December. Another half month it's going to be a brand new year!
Hello time, where have you been?

Working in IKEA is great but phew... it is so mentally and physically challenging. I'm used to working in retail industry but never thought this is going to be this challenging.
My boss said to me "you girls (me and my friend) gonna need some time to adjust to this environment. Give it 6 months and you will be okay"
Even after 2 weeks we felt like giving up let alone to give it another 6 months??? Okay, we are almost a month so maybe we can survive. Hahaha.
The seniors keep on asking "how are you?"
My answers "still here. still surviving."

My department is 1 of the most challenging department in IKEA.
Children's IKEA is IKEA's future customers.
That's what i keep in mind.
But, it is so messy and so hard to maintain department.
If i can stay in my department for at least a year, I can be in any department after this. If i can build up the commercial area in 3 months, from no walls to what ever that you guys sees now, I hope I can rebuild my life.

I gotta admit, I pity Mika. Trying my best to give all the time that I have to him. I hope I can give more but mommy gotta do what mommy gotta do for us, baby. Give mommy time to adjust to our new world.
I even did not have time for myself. I always get tired but I know I will be okay soon.

New year? New resolution?
Nope. Gonna stick with the old one which I did not remember but every year is gonna be for the same reason.
My one and only boy, my Mika.