Thursday, August 30, 2012

Janji Dicapati

Hai Hai...

Sorry yuolls... I promise nak update tapi setakat ni janjiku dicapatiku... Hahaha...

Bukan apa... sibuk kerja... Cewahhh... and now, my new and current addiction is The Sims 3...

Wehhh... memang x boleh resist I tell you...

On laptop, semangat berkobar-kobar nak update blog, tiba-tiba, nampak pulak icon sims 3 tuu...

TERtekan pulakkk... then TERlayan pulak untuk beberapa jam, lepas tu mengantuk, then TERlupa nak update blog... Hahaha...

Ahkak mintak maap yuolls... xsengaja... hewhewhew...

Xpe, kita kan raya sebulan... sebelum habis raya, I update...

Tunggukan kemunculan I.... GITEWWW :p

Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello people,

Sorry lah... No update langsung pasal raya... hahaha...

I dapat cuti panjang uolls... So bila I cuti panjang, automatically semua benda pun cuti panjang sekali dengan I termasuk lah blog ni... Hahahaha...

Uolls jangan marah okay... I will update 1 by 1 soon, insyaAllah... :)

Tapi I bagitau awal-awal, semua post-post baru, semua yg agak outdated sikit. Hahaha...

At least better than nothing kan? Biar lambat, asal selamat. Ceewaahhh...

Patience people... Soon you will know :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Iftar with the ladies :)

Yoyo hello...

Haha... Too lazy too update, erm.. no no...not lazy, too busy too update so now, bila dah ada masa ni, terus update lah ye. Everything is in draft so it is a good thing if you got something in mind, straight away put a title and save it there,then..... pandai pandai sendiri la nak tulis apa... huhuhu...

So last friday night (cewahhh...macam lagu katy perry), we went out for buka puasa at Fullhouse WW. My sisters strongly ask me to go buka puasa at other placse because both of them said... TAK SEDAP... well... disebabkan we all dah planning seminggu and sangat sangat malas nak cari tempat lain yang dah sah sah penuh, so we all pergi jugak.

The funny thing was, planning ye-ye ni...seminggu dah planning dah...rupa2nya...3 of us ladies, tak puasa... LOL... at first, we planned to straight away jumpa dekat sana from office masing2... sue senang je because langkah jalan besar tu dah sampai... hahaha...

But at the very last minit, I found out that mom will buka puasa alone. That is so not gonna happen! Dad has to entertain the client at very last minute, big sis buka puasa with my cousin and diila suddenly got buka puasa at her friend's house with the shirtliff girls so... I am not gonna let mom buka puasa alone at home... No No..

So I changed the plan, me & zul teman mama berbuka at home, just until she ate and solat maghrib then off to WW. Well, same goes to ayu & her husband because it is so much easier for the guys to solat at home rather then finding a surau there. After maghrib, off we go to Fullhouse.

When me & zul arrived, I saw ayu & her husband arrived at the same time too. Met sue & yob there ( well i don't know what is between them both so.....) We ate, well... Fullhouse food is a so-so. Not that umph. So i guess you can guess huh...? :D

And of course... camwhoringgggg....

Haha. The funny thing was... Well, friday night is a weekend night ( despite I'm working the next day on morning shift ) so we hang out like there's no tomorrow. Well, most of it, because nak melayan ibu mengandung punya mengidam and she's cravingggg for PAVLOVA!

Kesian punya pasal...from WW, we head off to Alexis GE Mall just to find the Pavlova she'e been craving for... and the sad news was... the Pavlova is finished!!! FINISHED!!! Dah la pack... asap rokok kepul2 and we all with ibu mengandung so kinda spoiled the mood little bit...

But still x mengalah okayyy... Usaha cari jugak sampai jumpa, and we head down to Delicious at Jalan Tun Razak... and luckily ADA even at the display counter, the plate under the named PAVLOVA is gone. Haha...

Asked the waiter and he said "Ada..." jyeahhh... but me & zul only had our tiramisu... and guess what??? they gave us the rotten tiramisu!!! Yuck!!! Of course we complaint and ask for a refund and the waiter understood ( because he taste it too! ) and cut it off the bill and replace with the choc cake, something like choc lava with ice-cream. Hmm... Big dissapointment for D',

Lotsa camwhoring and after we finished our dessert, it's home time. Ibu mengandung cannot go out too late. Bare in mind. Huhu.

Here, the picture time...

Si hot mommy/gorgeous pregnant lady

yaaaa...lelong lelong lelong... matamu seperti barbie...

The three of us.. Me, Sue & Ayu.. i love you both...

Hi Sayang :)


The happily married couple :)

InsyaAllah :)

I love to kiss ayu's baby bump :)

This is delicous after fullhouse... LOL

Suka pulak tengok rambut sayang macam tu :)

The 2 bestfriends :)

Ayu nak try filter so I jadi model. Hewhewhew.


Comolot skekkkk

Bibirku merah persis bunga ros. Cewahhh

It's her turn now...

This is super cantik!

And this is super hot!

Tetiba nampak ring tu besaqqqqq sangat :p

We came to delicious for this! This is our dessert!

and this is the saddest part. Big dissapointment for D' :(

Our last station for the day :)

And now, i'm tired so... Laterrr :)

God knows we're worth it :')


I won't give up on us,
Even if the skies get rough,
I'm giving you all my love,
I'm still looking up,
Still looking up.

But I won't give up on us ( no I'm not giving up ),
God knows I'm tough enough ( I am tough, I am loved ),
We've got a lot to learn ( we're alive,we are loved ),
God knows we're worth it ( and we're worth it ).

I won't give up on us,
Even if the skies get rough,
I'm giving you all my love,
I'm still looking up.


This Jason Mraz's song, "I won't give up", once again, touched my heart. Tears at the edge of my eyes, every time I listen to this beautiful song.

Too much in my mind. Every time dengar lagu ni, sure will burst into tears. I'm holding myself, not to put a high hope into "soon".

It is tough for me. The waiting, the saving, the love, the drama, the fight, the eager, the hope...

Maybe dah sampai seru but why must be this tough???

When we started talking about this few months ago, when my parents started talking about this few months ago, then suddenly the company sucks. There goes our saving.
We didn't start any. None. None at this time.

People said,

"InsyaAllah, ada rezeki tu"
"InsyaAllah, bila sampai masa, tiba2 duit tu cukup"

But, I can't see where is the source of $$$ coming from because as far as I know,
the savings come from us. Both of us.

I am not complaining but sometimes, I do break into pieces.

It is hard. The waiting is hard.

"...God knows we're worth it..."

Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Birthday Celebration

Date : 28/7/2012
Venue : Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Yes. Tempat berbuka puasa kami. Our 1st hotel we choose for this year. We loves Renaissance Hotel's buffet variety but for this year, theme dia agak kurang menarik. We are looking for fresh oysters actually. Our all time favorite!

Sebenarnye to celebrate birthday the lil's sis so combine together dengan buka puasa, that's why we choose hotel. Mom, Dad, Kak Yin, My bakal, My uncle and also Aidil. (adiilah's boyf) are all together. Yup, our parents love to bring our boyfs. Maybe because they all tak ada anak lelaki so boyf anak-anak la jadi mangsa. Hehe.

But for us, sheraton's buffet was a little dissapointed. Not up to our expectation. We have been to few hotels before and I sure you, there are other hotels that are way better. Basically because they don't have the fresh oysters. (we have been told they have fresh oysters so that is why we choose there).

The variety of food is a so-so. Well, not recommended to anyone this year. So when we were bored, this is what happened :D


ececey...thanks to me :D

ececey lagi... haha...ilovethisfilter

omg...siapa yang cantik/jelita/comey/hot sangat tuuuuu :p




he ate SUSHI! like homaigadddd

diila brought her polaroid so.....jyeahhh :D

still showing off my 2nd Guess. Hewhewhew.

i have no idea why i want to put this picture up -.-

the 2 crazy sisters. <3


enjoy your kurus time :p


So yeah...we are obviously BORED! LOL.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well hello guys,

Tahniah kepada diri saya kerana berjaya membayar bil internet sekaligus dapat menghilangkan bosan. Lalala... 2 bulan x bayar, ni la padahnya. Terus blur x boleh update blog.

Well now everything is paid, you will be expecting my latest update real soon.

And semestinya, banyak nak di cerita, everything is in draft. Baby steps readers, baby steps.