Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Guy

Life is unfair.
Yup.True enough but it will never be fair if i'm hiding him just because of i'm so afraid to let the go of my past.
Unfair to him.
My love life is...a lil' bit complicated but hey,who's love life is not complicated without the complication?you will not call it your love life without having your brain drained till u fall asleep...haha...
To shorten the long story,i'll introduce you the new guy in my life.not in public social network but atleast it's in the social network right?introducing.....

scary x?haha

okayokay.sorry because buat terkejut.this is him...

scary lagi?hahaha...

okok.cukup.he love taking pictures with me.suka sangat melayan kerenah nak over dekat camera yang hanya 5mp sebab die pon sama camwhore. :D

 macam aku je yg lebih ni? :p

 dia suka melayan.yayyy *smiley dancing*

dia suka sweet2 macam ni :)

How do we get to know each other, that, imma keep it to myself for now. Let just us both who knows. But, tup tap tup tap, it has been a year now since we have known each other and almost a year now since we get serious but to tell you the truth, we don't have a date. We don't celebrate anniversary because we don't have a date but what we both know is, it's february 2011.

No relationship without the ups and downs. We do have ups and downs, big ones, major ones, scary ones...but...Alhamdulillah,so far, we still hold on to each other. :)

I'm 23 and he's 23 too and we both want to end our single life hopefully,soon. InsyaAllah. Lets pray together that jodoh kami berpanjangan.Amin.

He love me so much that sometimes i'm scared that i might hurt him but as long as we can be together, we will be together.
And we want to have cute babies like this lil' one,

InsyaAllah. Pray for us. This is him once again, the one, that can win my heart. I love you Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Mohamad Zamri.

That's all for now. You know him already. See ya :)
Peace yaw! *apehal ni???*

Sunday, January 15, 2012

hot hot chicken s**t :D

Mesti semua orang bengang kan...(if not mistaken, aku private ini blog, macam mana orang nak bengang?haha.bangang!)

konon haritu ada orang cakap this time, this blog is not gonna be like the blog she had before(eh, bukan aku ke orang tu??? :p)

okay okay...i'm's been crazy from my last far as i remember, my last post is when my location is at capsquare and now, i'm at TGV 1SHAMELIN...after TGV Mines...ha,u get me??

i've been transfered to tgv mines after capqsuare and now to shamelin after mines...hahaha...macam mana x gila kau,asyik kene transfer spoloh kali...

From my point of view, even I'm at Mines just for 3months, still, I cannot discover everything there. U cannot just go there and expect that you can understand the location in a month. You must atleast more than 3months (it's because, i still didn't know how to tackle the mall management in 3months :D)

Yup, that is why i've been sooo busy to update my blog...(kukuh enough?)

And now, i will try my best to keep on blogging (coz my location is not that busy like others.kaching!)

Till then, see ya later! :)