Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yellooo everibadi.

Sorry yo, internet x bayar lagi. Haha.

" Your P1 wimax account has been suspended..."

So that is why no update from me. Ni pun pakai internet office. Tapi x syiok because all the pictures is at home. Wait for the update.

Till then, toodlesss ~

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello there people. We had a mini celebration for my lil' sister who turned 16 on the 19th July 2012 so take a look :)
Hi, I am the birthday girl and I'm 16. Yay me!

Night of 19th. Cehhh... sengih je dapat all the wishes from le friends.
Hint : Before tu dia da gayut da but x sempat snap. :p

I don't know how mommy can conviced her not to eat without me. Seriously though, if she said she want to eat, she must eat!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! *sang by zul. He's the  one who sponsored the cake and he is the one who sang very loud* see the face, you can guest how excited zul sang for dila :p

"ingat senang ke nak buat suprise huh??" well...that is what  I said & that is why my face like that. Haha.  and looks like zul pun nak tiup skali dengan dila. LOL
"lama x potong cake ni"

Just dominos pizza and the cake from secret recipe will do. What impotant is that the love ones is here. Except for daddy. He got work to do at the very last minute. :(

She's eating her cake when mommy suprised her with the presents. From mommy and daddy and from us. :)

Great things are best to come in small sizes :))


She hate pink and yet we still gave her pink birthday cards! She have to accept it though. It's for her.Haha

The cheerleaders. hehe. *ambui ambui, guna perkataan cheer je skang ni*

She is all excited to open her presents. Yeah, she looks like 6 rather than 16. Sigh~

"Ma, boleh goncang x??"
"Ma, can i just koyak everything"
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I got a new phone!!! It's a blackberry!!! It's the curve 9320!!! The one i google-ed that day!!! Oh my Oh my Oh my!!! I can't believe it!!! Okayyyyyyyyy


AND THIS CURVE IS MINE!!! Don't be jelly  friends!!! HeHeHe *evil laugh*

"Ma, apa ni? Dila koyak je la kay"

Muka psycho habis dapat present -.-


"Lets see how this thing works. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Ternganga you nak guna benda alah ni. Al-maklum la, first time dapat. Hew hew hew.

They can't figure it out so this two genius is trying to figure how it works. See the faces? Serious kannn

I'm helping her to take her picture using the polaroid and yeah!!!

My first polaroid picture! -AdiilahRadzak-

Of coz la kitorang tompang sekaki. *-*

"Oh, my first phone call using bb."
Well, i charged the phone for 12 hours the night before so the phone is ready to go :)

So that's a wrap readers. She got her TWO things she want the most and she's all happy on her birthday. That's what matter the most :')

Friday, July 20, 2012

The little sister turns 16. Sweet and older :)

On 19th of July 2012 and 16 years ago, a girl was born with joy. And yesterday, we celebrate her birthday and yes, she is my little sister.

To you little sister,

Happy sweet 16th birthday Nur Adiilah Binti Abdul Radzak. Be who you gotta be and always remember, family first. Think about the family no matter what you are doing when you are getting older and older because family is the only thing that matters in the world. Family is the only one who cares for you when there's no one who does and family is the one that gives you all the tremendously unconditionally love that you have ever imagine you can get in this big mean world. Remember mama and papa especially. They are the most precious gift that you and me and the three of us ever wished for. So there you go, growing, turning 16 and counting and enjoy your beautiful days with the one you cares. We love you and we are really working hard for you to go through your days but we will never stop loving you. Wishing you all the best in life. Remember, Allah is there whenever you think there is no one to turn up to and so do we,we never left a family behind. We love you. Have a blast!

Your evil second sister :)

p/s-this post is supposed to be publish yesterday *-*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey everyone. Sorry, I can't really write much because yup, still unwell.

Went to the clinic again yesterday and ask the doc for the MC. Luckily she gave it to me despite the non-friendly behavior and today my voice is soooo sexy!

Apart of being sick, I managed to sing up for nuffnangMY. YES! I am part of you guys now. weeeeee :D

Okay. Off to bed. Noite.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Since Wednesday, i got a very bad fever. Took mc and the day after was my off day so yeah, i can rest.

But, when i thought that everything will be ok if come back to work on friday, the truth is, I was not ok. Still not ok until today. I'm feeling tired and dizzy and tired. I don't like that feeling,  honestly. I love to be an energetic person.

And yet again when i thought i was doing well today, it become worst. It started when i wake up and felt my throat was burning. It hurts i tell you. But then, because nobody can cover me up, I got no choice but to go to work. Hopefully not to think about it and hopefully everything will be fine.

But IT WAS NOT! My throat become worst around 11pm or so. Burning throat is not the best feeling ever ( konon-konon macam vampire la burning burning throat dahagakan darah. feeling2 bella gitew.ecewah ).

I cannot even swallow my saliva. Yes, it was that bad people. I don't want my fever to come back again. I don't want to lose anymore OTs. :(

can you see how unwell i am? :(