Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Birthday Celebration

Date : 28/7/2012
Venue : Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Yes. Tempat berbuka puasa kami. Our 1st hotel we choose for this year. We loves Renaissance Hotel's buffet variety but for this year, theme dia agak kurang menarik. We are looking for fresh oysters actually. Our all time favorite!

Sebenarnye to celebrate birthday the lil's sis so combine together dengan buka puasa, that's why we choose hotel. Mom, Dad, Kak Yin, My bakal, My uncle and also Aidil. (adiilah's boyf) are all together. Yup, our parents love to bring our boyfs. Maybe because they all tak ada anak lelaki so boyf anak-anak la jadi mangsa. Hehe.

But for us, sheraton's buffet was a little dissapointed. Not up to our expectation. We have been to few hotels before and I sure you, there are other hotels that are way better. Basically because they don't have the fresh oysters. (we have been told they have fresh oysters so that is why we choose there).

The variety of food is a so-so. Well, not recommended to anyone this year. So when we were bored, this is what happened :D


ececey...thanks to me :D

ececey lagi... haha...ilovethisfilter

omg...siapa yang cantik/jelita/comey/hot sangat tuuuuu :p




he ate SUSHI! like homaigadddd

diila brought her polaroid so.....jyeahhh :D

still showing off my 2nd Guess. Hewhewhew.

i have no idea why i want to put this picture up -.-

the 2 crazy sisters. <3


enjoy your kurus time :p


So yeah...we are obviously BORED! LOL.

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